TEXT: 1Tim. 4:13-16
How are you responding to the situations around you? Can you be said to have good response ability? Are you responsible? Let’s see some attributes of responsible change agents. We will discuss based on the acronym RESPONSE:
R – Every responsible person is an avid READER. Your ability to read should cut across everything including your textbooks. If don’t read, your breath of knowledge will be weak. Give attention to reading. A good conversation stems from the depth of knowledge. You can’t respond until you become an avid reader. How can you be a dunce in the 21st century?
E – Responsible people are ENERGETIC Workers. You can’t afford to be a lazy person. You can’t afford to give an excuse. If you prove responsible, you will be given more responsibility. When you make excuses you say I am not responsible.
S – Responsible people are STRATEGIC Thinkers. This is a person who sits down to plan. Anointing cannot replace strategic thinking. “Some people prefer to die than to think, so they die” Everything you read is as a result of someone who has thought. Sit down and think. You cannot think if you don’t have a pen and a book.
P – Responsible people are PURPOSE Driven. They are focused. They know what they are doing and pursue their purpose. Focused people don’t have time for background noises. They throw away every distraction. Focus is concentrating all your energy on a task. When given an assignment, go for it. Follow it to the end. Marshall Resources for your goal
Go into this week with the determination to be responsible. God is counting on you. Keep in touch with me on Facebook; Twitter, Mentor’s club and the gregerhaborblog.com. I covet your prayers always and I appreciate your comments.
With affectionate love,
Rev. Prof. G. E. Erhabor

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